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Build a Complete Product, Front to Back

No code, no problem. Tava comes with everything you need to quickly build and ship products at scale.

No Code API Builder

Build your database in minutes. We’ll generate the documentation.

No Code Interface Builder

Create beautiful web applications and custom websites in minutes.

No Code Integrations

Connect your application to anything in a single click.


Fully-Managed Database

Introduce scalability, reliability, and ease-of-use to your backend database management. By putting all of your data on Tava, you’ll easily be able to model collections, scale up or down your databases as needed, and manage database records—all from one user-friendly solution.

Not an expert in kubernetes? With Tava, anybody can create and manage all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of an application. Our simple, no-code solution helps you do everything from data modeling to setting up and managing background tasks.
Tava provides an easy way to manage a Postgres database. We auto-generate documentation for your specific data model, and as you make changes to it, the documentation updates automatically.
Scale Infinitely
With the ability to support many concurrent requests without impact on performance, Tava’s API infrastructure helps you scale infinitely without impacting performance.

A No-Code API Builder

Create collections of data, build web hooks and backend tasks, and automatically generate your API documentation. Tava makes it easier than ever.

Power Any Frontend
Whether you’re tackling accounting and payroll, supply chains, or customer success management, Tava’s ease-of-use and versatility allow dev teams to quickly set up and connect your backend and frontend operations.
Send and Receive Webhooks
Build automation into your processes by setting up webhooks in Tava. Anytime a specified event occurs, the server will provide the real-time information you need. We make managing webhooks easy and straightforward.
Tava makes every aspect of building your API simple, and that includes documentation. All your API docs will be auto-generated based on your data modeling, ensuring it’s always up to date, accurate, and ready to share.

Get Ready to #DisruptEverything

Tava is free to get started. Build your custom application today.

How Will You Use Tava?

The sky is the limit, but here’s some suggestions

Improve customer service

Give your customers self-service options such as chatbots, knowledge bases and FAQs. Integrate with other CRMs.

Automate HR onboarding

Shuffle through tasks such as account setup, training and paperwork. Collect and update important information.

Create an Intranet

Develop a private network for communication and collaboration within your organization. Posts included.

Manage invoicing and billing

Create custom invoices, track payments, integrate with accounting systems. Streamline your payments.

Track your projects

Create custom workflows, integrate with other software, and automatically manage resources in your organization.

Analyze your supply chain

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize the performance of your supply chain at the touch of a button.

Get Started With Your First App

  • Create Data Models

    Start from scratch or use our templates to generate collections and properties.

  • Generate APIs

    Auto-documentation creates and updates your APIs instantly based on your data models.

  • Create Web Hooks

    Create workflows and web hooks with ease. Connect to any of your data models.

  • Create Background Tasks

    Schedule and run simple or complicated CRON jobs and view activity logs.